Measuring and Inspection Machine


Taylor Hobson : Talysurf PGI Optics  

Taylor Hobson : Talysurf PGI Optics                                  Vision Engineering : 3D Eyepiece-less Inspection Microscope

As a long-standing partner in machine building and machine design, Micro-Epsilon,Vision Engineering and Taylor Hobson offers a wide range of sensors and measuring systems. Miniaturized and integrated into machines, displacement sensors measure machine movements, positioning and travel paths and ensure safe machine operation. For automated machines and process-integrated machines, Micro-Epsilon sensors monitor a wide range of sizes of manufactured products.

Intelligent sensors are required in production, processing, conveyance and storage of metallic materials. There, sensors enable efficient and safe production and later failure-free processing. Micro-Epsilon,Vision Engineering and Taylor Hobson has expertise and know-how in a wide range of applications: in the positioning of cranes, machine parts and materials, in the monitoring of the thickness of metal strips and slabs to the profile measurement of pressed moldings.

Micro-Epsilon offers a wide range of sensors and solutions for non-contact measurement of plastics production. Dimensions, thickness, temperature, colors and embossing patterns in roll or sheet form can be reliably measured in a wide range of process steps from extrusion via molding to further processing.