LCM SYSTEMS Product News 2nd Quarter 2019

Monday, July 1, 2019

STA-4 Tension & Compression Load Cells


Supplied to one of our regular UK customers were these 5000kg rated STA-4 tension and compression load cells. Part of our standard range, they are suitable for many weighing applications that require high accuracy measurements. They will be used on material test machines as the machines primary reference for the control of the machine and measurement of the force applied to the test sample being tested.

28.3kN Load Pins for Crane Hoist


We have recently delivered these 28.3kN rated load pins to one of our customers in The Netherlands. They will be installed within the sheave of a hoist and slew system to provide overload monitoring on a crane in the factory of one of the worlds largest steel manufacturers. The smaller sized load pin incorporates a single greaseway, while the larger one has a double greaseway. Both load pins achieved an accuracy of better than 0.2% of rated load.

850kN Load Pins for Civil Engineering Application


Designed and manufactured for a customer in Poland were these 850kN load pins. They will be used in a civil engineering application to measure the pre-tension of cables in an architectural suspended ceiling. Thirty-two were supplied along with T24-ACM telemetry acquisition units and T24-HS hand held displays for wireless load monitoring.

20te Dual Bridge Compression Load Cells


Recently delivered to a customer were these six custom design annular compression load cells with two independent bridges to provide dual redundancy. Each strain gauge bridge has its own cable exit, so that in the event of failure of one bridge, the second can be used to maintain system integrity. Manufactured from stainless steel, they have a diameter of 88mm x 30mm high and are environmentally sealed to IP67

2 Tonne Tension Load Cells


Despatched to one of our regular UK customers were these 2 tonne rated tension load cells. With an accuracy of better than 0.25% of rated load, they will be installed in fork lifts to provide overload protection. The load cells have a diameter of 38mm, are 60mm long and have M12 x 1.75 threads which enable the load cell to be installed into the existing fork lift fittings.

6 tonne Compression Load Cell


Ready for despatch today is a custom design miniature compression load cell with an overall diameter of just 28mm by 12mm high. Manufactured from stainless steel, this load cell is rated to 6 tonnes and will be used in a press machine for press force monitoring. The central cable exit has been designed so it can pass out through the press tool base without impeding tool use.

4te ATEX Load Pin


This 4te Ex d ATEX load pin has been designed and manufactured for a customer in Singapore and will be installed in a Zone 2 hazardous area. Machined from 17-4PH stainless steel, it has environmental sealing to IP67, M24 x 3 threads and achieved an accuracy of better than 0.2% of rated load.

Shear Beam Load Cells


These 10 tonne shear beam load cells have been manufactured for a customer that takes them in regular batches for a vessel weighing application. Designed dimensionally to exactly fit into their assembly, they are an example of the many bespoke load cells we have designed that meet very specific requirements needed to enable the brief of a particular project to be realised. If you need a custom designed load cell, please contact our experienced sales team who will be happy to discuss your requirement.

20,000kN & 5000kN Compression Load Cells


Due to be despatched imminently to a customer in Korea are these two stainless steel compression load cells. The larger load cell is rated to an impressive 20,000kN, while the smaller one is rated to 5000kN. Both have been supplied with loading caps and carry handles and are environmentally sealed to IP67. The 20,000kN load cell has a diameter of 350mm, is 600mm high and weighs over 380kgs. They will be used in a test machine as a primary reference for the pressure-to-load calibration of large hydraulic lifting cylinders.